Video 12 Aug 8 notes

I just climbed a Buddhist mountain in China.  It was an incredible experience.

Two days ago we met up with my classmate Chris McDermut from Cal and yesterday the three of us set off to climb Mt. Emei (峨眉山).  Emei is a 10,167 ft high mountain covered in jungles and shrouded in clouds and mist with (steep) stone steps leading all the way to the top.  Our first day we did 10 hours of stairs, today we got to the top with only 3 hours of stairs.  Last night we spent the night in a monastery.  The whole experience felt like something out of a kung fu movie.

And around every corner was the threat of monkeys; we had quite a few encounters but were lucky enough not to get attacked.  However, we did witness a troupe of monkeys steal some bags from some tourists, tear them apart and inspect every item to see if it was food.

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